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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions below


Q: How will the drone be selected to help me? There are many drones in the Beetle Y rescue stations, how do I know that the drone with the best parameters has been selected to perform this mission?

A: Visit our page where you will learn about our COBRA X software, which uses genetic algorithms to optimize the allocation of drones to targets. Through crossing, mutation and normalization of parental pairs, COBRA is able to choose the best (for specific conditions) solution.

Q: What happens if I need more drones?

A: The COBRA X software allows you to optimize the allocation of any number of drones to the selected target (i.e. the place that has been indicated by the IoT device) and plan the mission in the swarm (SWARM) in such a way that the most adapted drones (least unadapted) are selected for the mission.

Q: Is it possible for drones to deliver aid to more than one location (target)?

A: Yes, COBRA X allows you to determine the number of drones required for each location (target) and then optimization is carried out to make the correct allocation.


Q: Do drones sent for a rescue mission require operator (flight) operation?

A: No, Beetle X drones perform their missions autonomously and automatically - the entire mission process is prepared remotely and using appropriate self-controlling algorithms.

Q: Will the information sent from my IOT (Beetle XY) device be automatically forwarded to the nearest (classic) rescue station?

A: Yes, such information will be provided immediately and appropriate action will be taken (depending on the situation). We are working on implementing such a function at the Beetle Y rescue station.

Q: How is the cargo content released in BeetleX?

A: Watch the video on the right where we show how cargo is released. We are currently investigating alternative solutions for this method.

Q: How can I be sure that Beetle X is checked for flight safety before each mission?

A: There is always some risk of flight operation failure, but our team strives to minimize this risk by using the Drones Control Station (DCS), which is specifically designed to perform diagnostic tests and simulations for Beetle X drones


Q: Do the Beetle X rescue stations allow automatic selection of the right cargo depending on the needs?

A: Yes, we are working on a prototype of the station that will enable such functionality.

Q: What additional features does the Beetle X Rescue Station have?

A: We are working on building a functionality that allows automatic battery replacement in Beetle X and enabling solar charging of the station.

Q: What additional features does the Beetle X Rescue Station have?

A: Contact us - we will provide you with more information.

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